Welcome to Refuse To Diet!

It is my privilege to help people achieve their health and weight loss goals–in a safe, permanent way. I know there are a lot of health & fitness and weight loss sites out there…what makes this site different?

  • First, I’ve “been there, done that”…not only have I been on a few gazillion diets without success (you do realize that diets don’t work, don’t you?) I have personally figured out what it takes to lose weight successfully–and keep it off. You can rest assured that I understand the struggles and challenges you face…maybe not all of them, because we are all unique individuals (thank goodness for that!) but at this site you won’t be hearing from a bunch of people spouting theory…people who’ve never been seriously overweight in their lives. I’ve dropped over 125 pounds…so I guess I know a little bit about losing a fair amount of excess body baggage!
  • Second, most sites focus on what you put in your mouth or exercises to do in order to lose weight which is putting the cart before the horse! Here we focus on our mindset for weight loss...and that makes the biggest different. When we start with our mind then the rest of it is so much easier!
  • Third, this works for just about every person. I’m not going to guarantee that you will look like a super model by following this program, I will guarantee that if you follow my guidance then you will improve your health both mentally and physically. You will achieve a healthy weight for you, and you won’t have to count every single calorie you eat or slave a the gym to get there.
  • Fourth, this is about supporting each other in our commitment to improve our lives. I believe that by pooling our energy and our ideas we can all achieve better results. I encourage you to talk about what is working for you and ask for help when you need it. This site is about you and I connecting, and it is about us all connecting, helping and celebrating together on our journey to weight loss success.

At Refuse To Diet we’ll be sharing success tips as well as exclusive interviews with experts in a variety of fields…nutrition, mindset, exercise and much, much, more!

If that sounds good to you, then I encourage you to join now, because I have decided for now membership is FREE! To register for a free Charter Membership, simply click here now

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Sign up today and declare with me: I REFUSE TO DIET!

Until we connect again–here’s to YOUR healthy, energetic, slender body! You deserve it!


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