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Melanie Kissell

Too cool for words. Just finished reading your ebook, Laurie, and found it to be a huge breath of fresh air — see, I started taking in more oxygen already. 🙂
No doubt about it. Weight loss has to begin with (or should I say “in”?) your head. Thanks for passing along some great suggestions for creating a shift in the way we think about ourselves and our bodies.
I’m curious to find out more about healthy, yummy, nutritious snacks to keep on hand. I’m a single mom and I work three jobs so I rarely sit down to a meal. I’m an eat-on-the-run gal.
I’d love to make my new mantra, “I Refuse To Diet!”


Hi Melanie!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you enjoyed the 7 Secrets!

Juggling 3 jobs can certainly make eating healthy a challenge–but it is not impossible.

One thing I rely on is “planned overs”…I cook up a large quantity of some basics that I then either use as a base for the week, or I freeze some for quicker meals in the weeks to come.

Also eggs have gotten a bad rap…they can be a great way to get lean protein in…and I love an omelet with lots of veggies for brunch or supper–fast & easy.