About Laurie and the Refuse to Diet Philosophy

Women have been told time and time again that it is important to be thin–and at the same time that it is actually difficult to lose weight. I show women who are frustrated with yo-yo dieting, who are tired of feeling bad about themselves, how to gain their health once and for all–without dieting!

I can do this because I have been there.

In my life, I have tried just about every diet there was, starting at age eleven. Just a few short years ago, I was over 300 pounds, tired all the time, unhappy, on anti-depressants and other prescription medications.

I have since dropped over 125 pounds, gained energy and overall health–and I am off all medications. I have been able to take control of my life and no longer suffer from cravings.

I have discovered that pretty much everything we have been taught about dieting is a big fat lie! It is truly possible for everyone to achieve their ideal weight without having to be a slave at the gym or give you their favorite foods forever–as long as you Refuse to Diet!

And in case you are wondering…I am 51 years old, with all the hormonal changes that are happening with that.