Refuse to Diet: Weight Loss Success Starts with Your Mind…Not Your Mouth

How to get Refuse to Diet, the book!

The book chronicles Laurie’s personal story of how after years, *ahem* decades, of dieting, she successfully dropped over 125 pounds–when she Refused to Diet!

Refuse to Diet: Weight Loss Success Starts with Your Mind…Not Your Mouth is available on Amazon: Refuse to Diet

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Read what people are saying about Refuse to Diet:

As a person who’s lost weight, regained weight and lost weight again, I found inspiration, encouragement and common sense in Laurie Tossy’s book, Refuse to Diet: Weight Loss Success Starts with Your Mind Not Your Mouth.

Laurie reveals the truth about why a country obsessed with dieting is so overweight. If you want to reach your ideal weight, everything you need to know is hidden in plain sight between the pages of Laurie’s book. But be warned…if you start applying these concepts, not only will you reach your ideal weight; your whole attitude about everything from money to relationships is likely to change as well. Laurie eloquently reminds us that changing our minds can change our bodies and our reality.

If you want to reclaim your personal power and step into the joy of your own authenticity, don’t miss out on this book. Laurie writes with clarity, wit and keen observations that anyone (even skinny people!) will enjoy.

Donna Kozik
2-Time Award Winning Author, Founder of, & the “Write a Book in a Weekend Club” on Facebook


Refuse To Diet is truly the BEST health and wellness book (or non-diet book) that I have ever read!

This book provides information and motivation for readers to finally take control of their lives and successfully explains why changing our mindset has got to be the very first step in our process for successfully and permanently losing weight.

Far too often in today’s world our health is taking the back seat. We sacrifice our own personal happiness and well-being in trying to live up to other people’s unrealistic expectations of us.

In this book, Laurie shows us through her own example, how to connect with our spirit (our authentic self) and how to walk in our own unique and individual truth.

She provides easy to understand tips and tools that will guide and assist you towards reclaiming your personal power by exposing the obstacles and barriers that keep you stuck in repeating the same patterns over and over again. These tools will help you discover a new sense of vitality, confidence and sheer pleasure of being alive.

This is a permanent solution for breaking the diet habit and gaining a healthy and energetic body for mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Gena Livings
Personal Health and Fitness Coach


I just finished reading your book, Refuse to Diet. In fact, I read it twice.
I’m generally not interested in reading books on weight loss because they
all seem to focus on the wrong things. They focus on the outer
manifestation of being overweight… they focus on how our body looks to
ourselves and how we think we look to others. That’s the wrong thing to
focus on because it’s not the problem – it’s a symptom of the problem – as
you so skillfully point out in your book. Whether a person’s challenge is
with money, relationships, or being overweight – those things are really
just symptoms of an internal conflict.

You did an amazing job of identifying what this internal conflict is and
providing effective strategies for identifying and dealing with it in your
book. This could revolutionize the way in which people approach weight
loss. Congratulations on writing such a fine piece of work. I think this will
be a life-changing book for a great many people.

Ron Matthews
Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner


Thank you for not only sharing this gift with me but the world.  You have truly shared the secret of weight loss in your book “Refuse to Diet.”  While I have said that diets do not work for years, your writing the secrets in this book is totally confirming.  Plus, I have seen you transform yourself, doing the very things you describe in this book.  You have written this for the average person who struggles with the weight issue on a minute to minute basis.   You have given them tools to help themselves, because we both know that the secret is within us.

This is an extraordinary book capable of changing anyone’s life and certainly their weight if they are willing to dig down deep and follow your lead.  It’s not about deprivation.  Thank you for giving the world such an incredible tool to finding the health within each of us.

Dr. Linda Larson
Your Health and Fitness Source


Laurie Tossy has hit a homerun with her new book where she outlines a simple, revolutionary approach to finally breaking the shackles of yo-yo dieting. The Mind has the power to propel us towards a goal or repel from one. Read Refuse to Diet and discover the key strategy to transforming your body and life forever.

Andrew Skelly
Speaker & Author, The Amazing Millionaire Formula


Laurie, your presence is a present to the world and your book will be an inspiration to many souls as they gather and reflect on the heart-felt thoughts you have shared and which will help them to always reach for the best that is within them.

Gerri Bradford