Checking the List for Nice not Naughty

Keep a checklist this month of all the good habits you want to instill. This will help you focus on the healthy choices you are making about what you put into your body, instead of focusing on the poor choices you sometimes make.

Your list should include what you want to eat and drink–not what you want to avoid eating.

Go ahead and include all the healthy choices, even the ones that are easy for you to make. Again, this helps you really be aware that you are making healthy strides.

If we leave off the things that are easy for us to achieve then we don’t get those “gold stars” and we only see things that might be harder. This makes being healthy seem hard. By including the easy stuff, we recognize that some healthy choices are easy and since we frequently hear (and say to ourselves) “losing weight is hard” we can now honestly say, Stop! That is not true! Some aspects of losing weight are easy, like xyz”

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