Love Is In the Air

We often think of spring as the time for love…as if Cupid’s visit in February is the only time we should feel and express our love…that at other times it is out of place.

I love autumn…maybe because it is on the opposite side of the calendar, but the fall season seems full of hope and is so bountiful that it is hard for me to be anything but optimistic as the days and nights begin to be cooler.

Driving home the other day I saw a new born calf–definitely not something I normally see on a September afternoon. I laughed as I watched him kick up his heels and run across the field, perhaps for the first time. It was as if he was shouting, “Look at me…I can run!” He was loving life at that moment, without regard to what month the calendar says it is.

I can learn a lot from this little calf. I can remind myself to find the joy in everyday things…things that are easy and exciting…things that are new and challenging. I can regain my calf-like joy for life…rather than plodding along the trail chewing my cud like his mother.

How I live my life is up to me. I can live it in LOVE and JOY. I can live it in routine, boredom or stress.

I think the LOVE sounds like a lot more fun…

Hey…look at me!!!!

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