Love Is the Answer for Weight Loss Success

There are two basic emotions: LOVE and FEAR. I know there are lots of feelings, but really they all stem from either one of these. We can actually take it a step further and say there is only one emotion: LOVE and the absence of LOVE which equals fear.

As babies we love ourselves unconditionally and completely. We’ll gurgle, coo and smile as we put our fists or toes in our mouth (oh to be that flexible today!) As we grow, this self-love is taught out of us by our parents, siblings, teachers and other people we encounter.

Learning to regain that love is an essential component to having a healthy body—including achieving weight loss success. Of course by that I mean, dropping excess fat in a healthy and permanent way rather than the yo-yo dieting most of us have experienced in the past.

Loving ourselves affects our mind, body and spirit. It influences everything we do and say, to and about ourselves as well as others.

Be sure to read this month’s “Mindset” section that delves further into this topic. There I provide tools to help redevelop a healthy self-love as a part of your weight loss journey.

Continue to the “Mouth” article to learn how loving ourselves affects what we eat and drink, and get tips and tricks to help us honor that love.

Last, but certainly not least, in “Motion” this month we cover how to find yourself loving exercise for weight loss.

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