Prepare for Moving Your Body!

OK, you’ve dealt with mindset and preparing what will go into your mouth. Now it is time to prepare to MOVE! Sometimes the idea of moving and exercising keeps us from getting up and doing it.

BIG TIP—Nike is right—just DO IT!

The longer we resist moving, the easier it is to stay sedentary. When we get up and start moving we have broken that inertia and it becomes easier to keep moving. As you drop excess fat and gain strength on this journey, it will be increasingly easier to move.

Experiment with different times of the day to see what works best for you. Some people I know like to exercise right before bed because it tires them out and keeps them from eating late at night.  This doesn’t work for me because I actually get energized by exercising and late workouts disrupt my sleep. I like exercising first thing in the morning because then I know it is done!

I also like having short sessions during the day. Sitting all day has been shown to lead to lots of health issues even among people who exercise regularly.

Make it easy to move your body. The more things you have to do in order to exercise the less likely you will be to do it!

I have comfortable shoes readily available so I can go up and down the stairs or around the block on a whim. I also have a gym bag ready so I can grab it and go.

If you can’t wear tennis to work then keep a pair stashed with socks so you can take frequent walking breaks.

Be creative. Try different ways to move your body. I’m not talking about climbing mountains or running marathons. It could be playing at the park, tossing a ball, playing Frisbee, or chair dancing.

Develop a routine. That will help ensure that you do move. I don’t mean you have to do the same thing every day—far from that! I mean that you should have a routine that you move, and that you do it at a certain time of the day. Don’t just leave it to when you have time or when you feel like it. Most likely you never will.

Make an appointment with yourself. Make commitments with workout buddies. It is harder to justify skipping a workout if you know your friend has gotten up to meet you there!

Get some fresh air on a regular basis. Even if you usually exercise at the gym there is a fantastic benefit to fresh air and sunshine. Make it a point to get out at least 1 time a week. Take advantage of the longer days and moderate temperatures now that it is getting to be spring time.

Water is essential for your mind and body when on a weight loss journey, both to stay sharp and to be energized. We all need water—most of us need much more water than we take in. If you are tired or “fuzzy” it could be a simple lack of water.

Find a bottle that works for you. Does it fit in your hand or on your belt or in your bag? Can you easily fill it, grab it, and carry it while you are walking. Water bottles come in so many different shapes and sizes that you should be able to find something that fits your hands and the way you like to exercise.

When you are selecting water bottles, keep in mind that you will need to wash them. I encourage you to have BPA free bottles. And never leave your water bottle in the sun, especially in the car.

While most water in the US is safe to drink, I filter mine. I drink a LOT of water and the chlorine that is used to purify our drinking water and other chemicals that municipalities add to our water can actually make my stomach upset. I have been using Brita filters for years. I have a large pitcher available at all times so I never have an excuse to not drink water. It is cheaper than buying bottled water at the store and is better for the environment.

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