Refuse to Diet is on the Move

Hey, it is Laurie here!

So much is happening, it is a bit of a whirl-wind around here! I’m really excited about the release of my book, Refuse to Diet. In the book I tell my story…how I dropped 125 pounds by focusing on my mind instead of counting calories! If you want to order the book, click on the tab “book” in the navigation menu above…how’s that for a creative title!

I’m also looking forward to the launch of this membership site…it is my dream and privilege to help as many other people as possible achieve their health and weight loss goals–and to do so naturally, without diets, pills, shots, or expensive doctor visits.

This community will be a place where I share tips and tools that I’ve used, a place where you will meet experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, personal development and so much more! It will also be a place where we can interact with each other–celebrating our successes and motivating and guiding each other through challenges. This is a supportive place where we all help each other to be our best selves, to achieve the healthy, energetic, slender bodies we deserve!

If you have struggled with your weight, if you are tired of feeling bad about yourself, if you are looking to gain your health once and for all–safely, permanently, without dieting–then this is the place for you!

I know I can help because I have been there. In my life I tried more diets than you can shake a carrot stick at–starting at age 11. Just a few short years ago I was over 300 pounds, tired all the time, unhappy, on anti-depressants and other prescription medications. Since then I have dropped over 125 pounds, gained energy and overall health–and I am off all medications. I have been able to take control of my life and no longer suffer from cravings. I have discovered that pretty much everything we have been taught about dieting is a big fat lie! It truly is possible for everyone to achieve their ideal weight without having to be a slave at the gym or give up their favorite foods forever–as long as you Refuse to Diet!

If you want to be the first to know when this site is live, please provide you name and email in the blue box to the right and I will be sure to drop you a line the minute we’re good to go! And as a token of appreciation I will give you a free copy of my very special report– “Seven Secrets to Successful Weight Loss Without Dieting” so you can get started on YOUR journey to health right away!

Thanks for visiting…and until this site goes live, be sure to visit my blog–and write a comment (or two) and let me know how you are doing!

To YOUR healthy, energetic, slender body–in 2010 and for LIFE!

Laurie Tossy

P.S. Click here if you like to see a video of a presentation I did recently on using mindset to lose weight. It is about an hour long, so sit back, enjoy and let me know what you think!


Carl Harris

Hi Laurie – love the 7 secrets e-book; I like the way you talk about not thinking in terms of ‘short-term goal setting’ – I’ve found I’ve had to implement a lot of the things you’ve put in the book before I can lose weight and gain a sense of ‘control’. You talk about needing to develop your slimmer-you self-image slowly and I remember when I started I had a real unconscious reluctance to losing the ‘heavier me’.

Some great links in the book too.

Many thanks.



Hi Carl– I’m glad you like the 7 Secrets!

Sometimes changing our self-image takes awhile–it seems like that shouldn’t be a problem…but we are so used to seeing ourselves in one way that it really can be an adjustment to see and accept the changes.

I look forward to hearing more about your success!

To your healthy, energetic, slender body–you deserve it!


Melanie Kissell

Truly excited about what you have to offer, Laurie, and grateful to Donna Kozik for introducing you to everyone. Isn’t she just the neatest gal in the whole world? Every communication and encounter I have with Donna is filled with genuineness.
I’m one of those folks who needs to lose those ever lovin’ 10 pounds. Been trying to say goodbye to them for about 10 years! I noticed an increase in my weight the day I woke up as a post-menopausal woman. I swear I went to bed 10 pounds lighter the night before. No, really. I’m not joking … I’m depressed.

Melanie Kissell

P.S. Please keep me in the “loop” when you get your affiliate program off the ground. I’m a passionate affiliate marketer and I’m most definitely interested in a partnership. Thanks!