Refuting the Irrefutable to Achieve Success

Julius Caesar was told to beware the ides of March, but here in the US it is the ides of April that most of us are wary of! Taxes are ALWAYS due on April 15, right? Well, this year our taxes are due by April 18—something that I do not recall ever happening before in my short (ha!) life.

There are other things that we are taught are irrefutable facts—one of them being that we cannot lose weight once we reach the fine age of forty.

Well, I am here to personally refute that falsehood! I have done it and so can you!

I struggled with my weight all through my teens, twenties and thirties. It wasn’t until my late forties that I finally was able to successfully lose weight and I know the difference was where my head was. I had to shift my mindset and stop believing that some things are inevitable, like taxes being due on April 15!

This month, take a few minutes to reflect on what assumptions you have been making about your life. How do they affect the decisions you make? How do those assumptions affect your health?

Do you think it is impossible for you to lose weight? Of course you are right…after all you’ve proven it to yourself over and over again. In MINDSET this month we talk about the messages we received as kids that set us up for our weight issues now and how shifting our mindset is the only way to break those messages that are playing over and over in our minds.

Are you a food martyr? Do you think that you have to stay away from all your favorite foods? This month in MOUTH we talk about why this behavior we were taught is the road to weight loss success is actually the road to weight gain.

Hate even the thought of exercising? Think that exercise is only for jocks? Believe that the only way to lose weight is to hit the gym for hours every day—and (1) you don’t have time for that and (2) you are sure it would kill you if you did? In this month’s MOVING we talk about ways to shift those thoughts and feelings so you can get the health benefits of moving our bodies without feeling like you are going through a “Last. Chance. Workout.”

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