This page will be where you can find audios that I recommend on a variety of subjects. Some will be on mindset, some will be tools to help you change your mindset, how to meditate for example. Other recommendations may be the audio version of a book I really like. We all learn differently, and if you spend a lot of time in the car then an audio book may be a better choice for you!

Meditation CDs

Meditation can be a challenge for us…learning to be still and quiet our thoughts…if you want to learn to meditate then having a CD to help guide you can be really helpful. Here’s a couple that I recommend…but not for while you are driving! (click on any image to be taken to the page to get additional information or to order the CD)

Dr. Dyer’s latest program Excuses Be Gone! is also excellent–you can get the CD set here:

Guided meditation from Abraham to tap into the vortex to attract what you want


Flow-dreaming is like a meditation and I really like it because it helps me tap into my own emotions and energy as well as the energy around me…it helps me “get in the flow” as it were!


Non-Meditation CDs

(okay to listen to in the car)

This is a CD set that I’m really enjoying–not a meditation, filled with …it is an 8 CD set from Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham on Relationships…I have found that learning to be authentic with my relationship with myself, and others, is vital to my achieving my health and weight loss goals.

Hay House Publishing is one of my favorite sources for books, CDs and DVDs…there are SO many different products that they offer that I love. They also offer many products that I have not yet had time to read/watch/listen to…but I have been so impressed with everything they offer that I am confident that if it resonates with you, you’ll probably love it and learn from it. So, here is a link to Hay House where you can look through all their offerings. And when you get something that works for you, be sure to let us know so others can benefit from it, too!