Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray is a great guy…it was an honor and privilege to get to meet him and pick his brain a little bit about nutrition and wellness, as well as communication.

John really helped me to understand how important balancing our chemistry is…and why we so often suffer from cravings–and that the suffering is totally unnecessary!

Best known for his Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series of books, John’s field of study is relationships, but he also has a passion for overall wellness. This led him to research nutrition and brain chemistry and resulted several years ago in a book The Mars Venus Wellness Solution. In this book Dr. Gray goes into great detail about the importance of hormone balance for us to achieve our optimum health and he explains how important what we eat is for achieving that balance.

Mars Venus Wellness Formula Shakes

If you like the idea of a simple, tasty, healthy shake to have for breakfast, then try the Wellness Formula shakes. Dr. John Gray developed these to balance the brain chemistry as well as fill our other nutritional needs…and because women’s brains and nutritional needs are different from men’s, be sure to order the right type for you.

OK, it isn’t that women will grow a beard or men will grow, something(s) else…but you won’t get the best results out of the shake if you try to share jars with your spouse.

My suggestion, and what I did, is if you are going to give this a “try”,  commit to it for 3 months. That way you really give it a fair “shake” (I couldn’t resist)…

I’ll tell you right now, this isn’t a cheap option…but the ingredients are super high-quality…you just won’t find a shake like this in any store. I have tried LOTS of different shakes out there…none gave me results like this one…and many are so poorly balanced that I felt terrible AND had massive sugar cravings as a result. I did not have that with this shake at all.

You CAN get all or most of the ingredients and build your own. If you want to do that, be sure to pick up a copy of the Mars Venus Wellness Solution so you have the ingredients list and know the proportions.

You cannot buy these shakes in any store…they are only available online. You do NOT have to become a member of any organization in order to buy them…however, if you choose to become an “Associate” then you will be able to purchase the products at wholesale pricing. When I did the math, you come out ahead with just one month’s purchase, so you really have nothing to lose…but it is entirely up to you. You can certainly decide to sign up at a later date if you wish, or never sign up and always pay retail.

To order the :

The Mars Wellness Formula, for men (link is coming soon)

The Venus Wellness Formula, for women (link is coming soon)

I really like the taste of this shake…that being said, I like a little variety, too. In my book I offer a few recipes that I enjoy just to mix “shake things up a bit”…(again, I couldn’t resist!)

Note: the shake is only available in chocolate…not really a big issue for most of us, but if you really want a vanilla based shake, the next best thing I found is called “My Victory”…it isn’t available in stores either…click here to learn how to order the My Victory shakes.

The Mars Venus Wellness Solution

This is not a “diet” book, it is a great book that helps explain the importance of balanced brain chemistry for successful weight loss.

You can order the book directly from John’s site, and if you are going to order any of the DVDs or go to his Wellness Retreats, then definitely do that.

If you just want to start with the book, check out your local used books stores as it has been out for a couple years, or you can order it from Amazon. The last time I checked, it was fifty cents more for a new copy, but shipping was free, so it saves you a little.


In this DVD, John Gray demonstrates easy, low-intensity exercises that will increase your energy level, burn fat and achieve optimal brain function. Through a series of five Isoflex Movement routines, you will begin to reap the benefits that come with toned muscles, increased circulation and a balanced production of healthy hormones.

This set of DVDs is the foundation of my daily fitness routine and really helped me drop excess fat and feel great.

The exercises include:

  • Warm-up, Bounce and Shake moves
  • Seven Body Taps
  • Seven Rotations
  • Seven Spinal Flex Movements
  • Seven Power Moves

DVD FORMAT, Run time 48 min.


This is not a “fat farm”…although when my friends bought me a ticket here that’s what I thought at first!

At this Wellness Retreat you get to spend personal time with Dr. John Gray, the Bestselling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.  John will teach you new and effective communication techniques and insights for enriching all your relationships, while also exploring how you can create a lifetime of health, happiness and lasting passion. At the retreat you will:

  • Discover how to increase cooperation and support in your relationships
  • Learn how to create the brain chemistry of health, happiness and lasting love
  • Understand the secrets of reversing premature aging
  • Discover John Gray’s easy to learn fat burning and hormone boosting exercises
  • Understand the different sources of stress for men and women
  • Learn about the super foods and minerals for creating vitality and optimal brain chemistry
  • Understand the secrets of getting what you want and wanting what you have at work, home and in the bedroom

These retreats are held in northern California…a beautiful time, place and experience.

Click here for more information or to register.