Louise L. Hay

Louise Hay is one of the teachers who have really helped me achieve my weight loss success. Not that she is a weight loss coach…she is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher as well as the author of the international best seller You Can Heal Your Life which has sold more than 40 million copies around the world.

For more than 25 years, Louise has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Louise is the founder and chairman of Hay House, Inc.

You Can Heal Your Life is available as a book and Louise and the crew at Hay House have also created a movie based on the book with many wonderful teachers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, Doreen Virtue, Jerry and Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham…and many, many more!

The movie is available in “standard” format…that is a single DVD

or the “expanded” version which gives you an additional DVD with over four hours of bonus material including 60 minutes of Interactive Teaching Affirmations and three hours of extended interviews. I personally have the expanded version and watch the bonus materials at least as often–if not more often–than the movie itself! Every time I watch I learn something new…picking up some tidbit I perhaps wasn’t ready to hear on previous viewings.

Not sure you are ready to order the movie? Watch the trailer and then decide!

The movie may be “based on” the book, but the book contains lots of tools that you can use…and if you like to hold something in your hand and read, then this is a must-have addition to your library. Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life! Packed with powerful information and beautiful four-color illustrations—you’ll love this gem of a book!

If you want both the movie and the book, then consider the Gift Edition Bundle which includes the expanded version of the movie, the gift edition of the book, the movie soundtrack by Jim Brickman–beautiful piano composition by the famous multi-plantinum recording artist…and you get a deck of 64 affirmation cards to help you in your journey…providing both affirmations and visualization aides.

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