Bill Phillips

I heard Bill Phillips speak several years ago…and this is indeed a man on a mission. This once overweight kid is now the famous creator of the Body for Life program which is designed to help you transform your body in 12 weeks.

Many people who follow his program have achieved dramatic results…including several people I know.

It didn’t work as well for me…because, honestly…when I did it I was following it for all the wrong reasons. Plus the bars and shakes he recommends are higher in sugar than I could handle at the time…it felt like eating candy bars and didn’t do anything to change my mindset about food.

That being said, he offers some fantastic exercises and guidelines for gaining fitness and it has worked for many people…and no one program is right, or wrong, for every person…and as I said I know many people who have had great results with his program. So if you are interested in a quick transformation you might give it a try…but I hope that you will go into it with the mindset that you are making a change in your life, not just for the 12 weeks!

Look for his book, Body for Life,  in your library or local used bookstore if you are on a budget…or you can order it from Amazon by clicking on the title.

Bill also has a book, Eating for Life, that deals more with food than the original book and offers some tasty recipes that fit into his program.

Bill latest book Transformation is available from my favorite publisher, Hay House.