Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks is an author, speaker and psychologist. His work centers on relationships, and he and his wife Katie have founded the Hendricks Institute.

Hendricks is inspiring in You Can Heal Your Life- The Movie (the movie from Louise Hay) when he tells of his own struggle with weight early in life and how he has personally lost over 100 pounds.

The Hendricks Institute teaches skills for conscious living…and during an early morning meditation one day in 2003 the concept for a new type of movie company came to him.

“In meditation that morning I had a flash of insight: I saw exactly how we could create a community of conscious movie-lovers who could change the world. The insight came in a split-second, and after meditation here’s what I wrote down: ‘There are wonderful, inspiring movies being made by creative filmmakers all over the world, but hardly anybody is getting to see them because Hollywood isn’t distributing them. The Hollywood studios don’t seem to think there’s a market for movies with heart and soul. At the same time there are millions of us around the world who aren’t going to the movies much anymore because we’re tired of the violence and mindlessness of the typical Hollywood stuff. Why don’t we scout the film festivals, find the great spiritual-themed movies Hollywood is ignoring, and bring them to people at home on DVD?’

In collaboration with film producer Stephen Simon, the Spiritual Cinema Circle grew out of that meditation.

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