My Victory

This is the other shake product that I use and endorse. Much like Dr. John Gray’s Mars/Venus Wellness Formula shakes, this food product is not available in stores.

One of the things I like about this product is that it comes in both a vanilla base and a chocolate base. This allows for a little more variety.

This is also a nutritionally sound product, made by a fantastic company that I have researched and trust completely. One of the main differences between this product and the Mars/Venus product is that they do not have separate formulas for men and women.

I have still found it to be a superior product to the main shakes I have been able to find in stores and I like the taste of it…almost as much as the Venus shakes.

So if you like the convenience of having a shake for breakfast…or any meal or snack…here is another healthy option for you!

To order the My Victory shake click your flavor preference below and you will be redirected to another site where you can place the order.

My Victory Vanilla (link to come soon)

My Victory Chocolate (link to come soon)