These worksheets are tools that I personally have developed during the course of my weight loss journey. They are referred to in my book, and you can use them as they are in book, or by clicking the links you will open an 8.5 x 11 inch worksheet*. Print them out and use in good health!

If you prefer, you can save it to your computer so you can print it out as often as you need to.


Use this worksheet to help identify what you DO want by first noticing what you do NOT want. On the left side of the paper write down what you currently believe…about your body, your weight, your health, your deservability, etc. Then on the right side, turn that around and write what you WANT regarding that belief.


What I Believe About              what I do want

I hate my huge thighs               My legs are strong,  sturdy and carry me easily from place to place.

Download the 8.5 x 11 worksheet: Clarity Worksheet

*All the worksheets are in pdf format and you will need to be able to open pdf documents in order to read them. Most people can do this on their computers already, but if not, you just need to download a free copy  of Adobe Reader.