Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals

One of the best tools to helping us achieve our goals is writing them down. It isn’t enough to say them. Writing them down has a way of cementing them into our brains.

Remember to have your goals follow the FREEDOM principle:

F ocus and Flexibility

R eaching, Realistic and Responsibility

E asy

E nergizing

D elicious

O ptimistic, Open-Minded and Ownership

M anageable

These goals are not to be about losing “x” pounds. Instead make the goals things you will do—how this month you will BE the healthy person that you want to be. Your mind goal might be to eating consciously. Perhaps your moving goal this month is to walk further or faster. Your mouth goal could be to try one new vegetable a week. If you follow your Mind, Moving, and Mouth goals toward health then dropping excess fat will be the automatic result of your consistent actions in the right direction!

Declare your MIND, MOVING and MOUTH goals for the month.

You can download the goals sheet here: Goals

*This sheet and all the worksheets are in pdf format and you will need to be able to open pdf documents in order to read them. Most people can do this on their computers already, but if not, you just need to download a free copy  of Adobe Reader.

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