Start Where You Are and Find Success One Step at a Time

January is a time of new beginnings and one of the biggest traditions for the New Year is setting resolutions and dieting. While I “Refuse to Diet” I definitely encourage people to improve their health, including dropping excess fat, although I’m not any more keen on resolutions than I am on diets—mostly because resolutions and diets don’t work…at least not for most people, most of the time.

The problem with both resolutions and diets is that we, the resolution-maker or dieter, tend to make them into a HUGE deal. We put a lot of emphasis and pressure on achieving the end result and look at forward progress that doesn’t hit that bullseye as a failure.

This January, I encourage us all to start wherever we are…not where we think we should be, or could be. Not even why we are where we are.

This is the time to start training, actually retraining, for success by changing our thinking. That change in our thought process will result in a change in our bodies and our lives. Starting where we are at this moment and making small steps in the direction we want to end up is the best way to find ourselves there—small changes made consistently yield big results.

Envision that target and your healthy body is the bullseye. This month we will start making the small changes we need to in order to reach that target, knowing that we won’t achieve the goal immediately anymore than we would be able to pick up bow and arrow and hit that bullseye without learning some skills and practicing. We also know that as long as we keep at it, we will hit that bullseye at some point—and that if we never start or we quit along the way we never will!

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