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Mary Butler

How wonderful to see your smile on my computer! We sat together on a flight from Denver to San Jose a couple of weeks ago. Just checking out your website. Very impressive!



Hi Mary!

Thanks for taking the time to look me up! I really enjoyed our conversations on health, family, everything!

How did the young scientist fair?

Hope you all had a wonderful time visiting San Jose. Did you make it to San Francisco?

Sorry I didn’t respond to this comment sooner–my computer crashed while I was in SJ and I had to wait to get back home to restore it. Keeping my fingers crossed that all is well now. I’m NOT a techie as you might remember!

I’ve thought about you and your friend quite often. Please let her know that if/when she is interested I’m here to help!



Hi Mary–

If you haven’t already bought my book, the printer is offering a special 10% off through May 30
Find Refuse to Diet at, click “Buy” and be sure to enter the code word “Flowers” at checkout!


To your healthy, energetic, slender body! You deserve it!

Michelle Thompson

I am looking forward to exploring your site! It sounds like just what I need. I have gone to a personal trainer for over a year with only 20lbs of loss. I seem to be an a plateau forever and am pretty sure it is me stopping me.


Michelle–welcome to the Refuse to Diet “family”! Don’t be hard on yourself about “only” dropping 20 pounds this year–that is 20 pounds less that you are carrying around which is a great thing! I know plateaus are frustrating…but shifting your mindset can sometimes be all it takes.

To YOUR healthy, energetic–and slender–body. You deserve it!

Norma Wentz

I just listened to the interview you had with Marna Thall from ThinwithinU
back in the winter and it was very inspiring. I just started the program with Marna and you are both definitely on the same page. Can hardly wait to get your book.


Norma–Thanks for the kind words. I agree, Marna and I are definitely on the same page! I hope you enjoy this site and my book. I look forward to hearing more about your success.

Shirley Cross

I desperately need help. I found out I had high BP when it was 180/110 I now take two different BP meds. To say its expensive is an understatement. Especially with no insurance. I have tried everthing Dr.Oz has promoted and all I have done is make money for someone else. Not a lb. lost. I have spent til I can’t spend and more. I watch what I eat, I have had 3 back surgeries but still try to exercise 2-3 times a week. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

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