Tricks and Treats for Fun and Fitness

With Halloween approaching (oh, say it isn’t so) it seems only appropriate that we talk about tricks and treats that we can use for weight loss, gaining health and fitness and just plain fun!

Remember your mind is your big ally…and using your mind is much more powerful than what you do or do not eat this (or any) month. Be sure to read how you can trick your mind and help in your weight loss efforts.

Of course Candy on our minds this time of year and the big question seems to be…how do we keep it off our hips? Check out a couple tricks that will help you handle this monster!

And of course moving our bodies is part of our health and fitness formula…learn some new tricks that can keep it fun.

Be sure to read these tips and treat your mind, body and tastebuds well this month…and you’ll have the added treat of weighing LESS this Halloween–and that’s no trick!

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