Weight Loss Success–Making an Olympic Dream Reality

If you want to reach your weight loss goals then treat the experience like an athlete does who wants to go to the Olympics…it takes commitment and a shift in your mindset as well as being active and eating right.

The good news is that you don’t have to be nearly as disciplined as the Olympic hopefuls in order to have success. One of the key differences is you aren’t competing against anyone else, so your success is 100% possible and only contingent on you!

Like the athletes who make it to the Olympics, and the countless more who do not, you will be able to achieve your goals more easily if you have some help. Figure out what kind of help YOU need to win your race…and get it. That help might be a support system…just being able to check in with others at a place like this…or perhaps a close friend or family member to help you through the challenging moments.

Or maybe the help you need is in terms of nutrition…if you have been eating mostly fast foods you may need some education or coaching on how to eat for health.

Or perhaps you need coaching on how to move your body…either to move more, or learn a new skill, avoid injury…all are things you can get help with.

Help can come from this website, a local gym, books at the library…there are so many sources of information for you–available for free or low cost as well as for a premium. Help can fit any budget…lack of money is not a reason to remain fat.

Olympic athletes start with a dream…and they do whatever it takes to get there. We have a dream of being healthy, full of energy, and looking good…and we can achieve our weight loss goals, too, if we follow the 3 Ms…motion,  mouth…and first and foremost we must focus on our minds.

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