Weight Loss Success Shifts Into Autumn

This time of year we see and feel a shift in the earth and in our bodies. As Mother Nature turns her palette to the reds and golds of autumn and the hours of daylight shorten we find it a bigger challenge to fit everything into our busy schedules. We might not be willing or able to safely exercise after dark. Cool salads are less appealing. We want to eat in preparation for winter hibernation as if we were a bear.

Since we aren’t bears and we will not be shedding all those pounds while we sleep for the next couple months, it is important that we check our mindset and make sure we are not sabotaging our efforts to lose weight by misusing one of the most common tools in our weight loss arsenal. This month in Mindset I weigh in on weighing in…the pros and cons of the scale.

We also have to keep moving our bodies, even when there is limited daylight. In Motion this month we talk about keeping motivated to move and how we can measure our success in this area as well.

And this month in Mouth we talk about the abundant autumn harvest and how we can take advantage of it to maximize the precious time we do have.

Enjoy this time of year, and each and every day of your life. And extend that life and increase that pleasure by making healthier choices for your body. Do it for yourself. Do it for your health.

To the healthy, energetic, slender body you deserve! You can do it!

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