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John Jeffers

Hi, I try to click on the New This Month tab and it brings me here and tells me I have the wrong membership level. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


Hi John!

Are you still getting this message? I see you registered as a member this afternoon, so I’m hoping this has fixed your problem–if not, please let me know!



Hi Everyone!

Thanks to John for letting me know that there is a technical glitch in the site! Preliminary testing indicates if you login from a Firefox browser you should be sent directly to the December content, however other browsers may not work this way…and clicking on the “new this month” tabs may be giving a Wrong Membership Level message.

If you are a member and you are logged in, you DO have access to this information, so if you get this message like John did, please let me know and we will get you the content another way. You can write in the comments below and I will be notified!

The tech team is working on this issue and I will let you know when it is resolved!

Thanks again John–and welcome to the “family”!

To your healthy, energetic, slender body–you deserve it!


Happy Holidays All!

We believe this technical glitch has been resolved–hurray! If you still have challenges accessing content, please let me know (filling out the comments box works!)

Thanks once more to John for helping us keep our site working!

To your healthy, energetic, slender body–you deserve it!


Camilla Brenchley

Hi there,
I got the “Wrong Membership Level” message on the “Coaches” page.
Best regards, Camilla Brenchley


Thanks for letting me know Camilla–it should be fixed now.

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